DANGERWORLD is an epic Faustian story that takes place in a dystopian future. It is the story of a lowly astrophysicist, William Portal, who while prospecting deep space discovers an alien virus named F.R.E.D. that helps him become the world's richest and most powerful man. One of Portal's most successful inventions is a VR game, DangerWorld, a worldwide phenomenon. Yet all of Portal's power and money cannot stop F.R.E.D. when it enters the game to collect its due. Portal must turn to the lowest life form on earth to save mankind, an illegal game player named Matchead.

This story can be franchised into three features or made as an episodic series.

Presented here are 3 short animatics:


A teaser where the virus, F.R.E.D., has captured Portal's avatar, Captain Powers.


The Stick Figure Theater presents the origins of William Portal's encounter with the virus, and his rise to wealth and power.


The introduction of Matchead's game playing avatar, Smashead, who will be enlisted to help Portal defeat the virus.

DANGERWORLD is based on a comic book series by Dave Roberts.

These comics are available thru ObscureBrandComix.com and can be viewed at http://bit.ly/DW_ComicBlog.

For More Information Contact Jim Keeshen at 310-279-9128 or email him at Jimkeeshen@gmail.com

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